Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I put a Dumpster?

If you can or have the space to put our dumpster on your yard, driveway, or privately owned property, you will not need to get a permit. However, if you want Nashville Dumpster operator to drop off your dumpster on a sidewalk, street, or a public alley, you will need to apply for a permit with the city.

What Type of Materials cannot be put into the Dumpsters?

Material that is hazardous is not permitted in our dumpsters we are regulated by the landfills that we dispose of our waste in. We can not accept products marked caution, poisons, toxic, flammable, or combustible are permitted. If there are any questions please contact our office and we can help answer any questions.

Are There Any Other Charges?

No, Nashville Dumpster makes it simple. Our upfront cost will allow you full access to your dumpster and you can use it as needed. Once it is full, we will show up and remove it from your location. If you need additional dumpsters or fill up your current dumpster, just call us and we will arrange and provide you with a quote. 

Where do I find information about Hazardous Waste?

Please follow this link to answer any questions regarding hazardous waste. If there are still questions don’t hesitate to reach out and call us.

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